Without Kibou There is Nothing - Volume 4

by Various Artists

Lost My Head 01:04
Hit the wall Shit the bed Lost the plot Lost my head
Imports from the developing world Often cost so little to buy. The people there live in abject poverty Do you ever wonder why? To ignore is to be ignorant of the true cost of our demands. Exploited labour and resources Perhaps it goes without saying That if we can get things for so little Then someone else must be paying
Look down their nose and over glasses The bureaucratic middle classes Sit on top of a paper mountain The keepers of the money fountain Tick a box and file a life A flick of a pen is like the stab of a knife Just who benefits from benefit cuts A tap of a key is like a knife in the guts Disability, ESA, housing benefit, take it away! Assess, assess, assess again! Assess, assess, assess and gain! Paper mountain keeps on growing The middle class are ever knowing That money is the higher power And they could lose theirs within the hour If those who own the money fountain Knock them off the paper mountain Gone from middle down to bottom Join the class of the forgotten
Bedford Day 01:22
Walt didn't get his own way, didn't pass on Bedford Day. Had the dollar, ahead of his time Terror of the end of the line Winning here, look at the cash Lots of dosh, don't look at the past Don't think the flames would suit me much Don't think the flames would suit me much What was penned may live forever Organic matter can only rot Got a legacy, ever so clever Cannot stop the flesh full stop Accept as part of the deal This is priceless You've got a 'use by date' Now that your number is up Why won't you lay down and die?
Time is a resource, not something to waste It fucking kills me when you make me wait If you don't want to waste your time, that's fine But don't waste mine. Don't want to die lamenting what I could've achieved But didn't coz there's always something 'good' on TV If you don't want to waste your time, that's fine. But don't waste mine. My time is precious, as precious as can be My time is prcious, so don't make a prick Don't make a prick out of me. Time is a gift don't fritter it away It'll be gone before you realise, you'll want it back some day. If you want to waste your time, that's fine But don't waste mine No, don't waste mine!
Copper Cunt 01:38
Copper cunt, copper cunt Just bully boys out for a fight An organised gang armed to the teeth You got no authority over me. Government boot boys, puppets on a string They give us the orders, you batter us down. Protect and serve? Do you bollocks! Time to take our community back All coopers, all coppers, all coppers, all coppers. Copper cunt, copper cunt How do you sleep with yourself at night? Infiltration, exploitation, only end up in detention They tell me you're just doing your job I don't believe in the things I'm told Unarmed men shot and killed Innocent people boxed and filled All coppers are cunts, cunts, cunts!
A Sad Demise 00:53
Reign of power, just more death from skies Death from the skies, a sad demise Absence of safety, no escaping from the blast Death for profit, dollars worth more than lives Death from the skies, a sad demise for you
Tired 01:11
Tired of all your fucking bullshit Tired of all your fucking lies Tired of all the constant questions Tired of all the endless work Tired, tired of you. Tired of you telling me what to do Tired of your fucking bullshit Tired of you Tired, tired of you.
Mic check, do you hear me? I see you, you see me I'm gonna get you, for what you've done. You lose, I've won You'll live your life, you make mistakes But I will never learn You listening? I don't want you But I need you. But I see through your lies You're gone from my life Goodbye!


released November 18, 2015


all rights reserved



2 Sick Monkeys Swindon, UK

2 Sick Monkeys formed in December 2000, primarily to support Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream) in a one-off gig at a drum event in Swindon...they have now played over 1,000 gigs including 10 European tours and 1 tour of Japan.

They describe themselves as tight, melodic and in your face.

Basically……small outfit, BIG SOUND!!
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