Nowhere Nothing EP

by 2 Sick Monkeys

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Our 2nd EP - released in August 2003
Smegma Records - smeg002


released August 3, 2003



all rights reserved


2 Sick Monkeys Swindon, UK

2 Sick Monkeys formed in December 2000, primarily to support Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream) in a one-off gig at a drum event in Swindon...they have now played over 900 gigs including 10 European tours.

They describe themselves as tight, melodic and in your face.

Basically……small outfit, BIG SOUND!!
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Track Name: Nowhere, Nothing
Here i am attention seeker, no job, no girlfriend, nothing
I'm cold (so cold) so cold, sleep well, sleep well, I will

You never cared about me.

I should not have done what i did, i regret it, i'm so sorry
I'm cold (so cold) so cold, and i'll always remember you

You never cared about me, you think it's a joke

I'll always remember you and i'll watch over you
You think i'm joking...sleep well...i will!!

If you wanna know where i am, down the road to nowhere nothing
I'm cold (so cold) so cold, in the tree, in the tree in the corner
Track Name: Never Say Never
Never stop thinking, thinking 'bout you
Heart misses a beat when i'm talking to you, cos I'm lost in you

Never say never, it's not over, I don't want this to end
Never say never, it's not over, i just can't be your friend

The white lady sings but it's all in vain
She'll carry on and so will i, cos it's worth the pain
Track Name: Bad Old Days
If you were there, would you care?
Would it make any sense? Could you help in the end?
Our feelings are messing up again and again,
The world is turning around, everything is always the same

Nobody, no-one, nobody, can help or understand
The way we feel can ever be the same.

High on the speed of life and the crime, can't see what we're doing
Something mess up and the world turn around
Something mess up and we end up fine,
Our feelings are messing up again and again
The world is turning around and everything is always the same