Less is More​.​.​.​More or Less

by Rash Decision + 2 Sick Monkeys

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Two bands and top mates that toured together quite a lot, it seemed that the next logical step was to make an album together...so we did...and this is it!

The 2 Sick Monkeys tracks are available for free download.

The Rash Decision tracks are stream-only...if you want to download their songs please visit their bandcamp at: rashdecision.bandcamp.com


released August 1, 2012

Dave Decision - Rythm Guitar and backing vocals.
Simon J Sky - Lead guitar and lead vocals on 'Philthy's Mattress'
James 'perky' Perkins - Bass and backing vocals
Thomas Candy - Drums and backing vocals

Fred Nus - Drums/Vocals
Pete Tower - Bass/Vocals

Released on Smegma Records, Pumpkin Records, Riot Ska Records, Atomsmasher Records, Side-Effect Records, Manic Pogo, Rodent Popsicle Records



all rights reserved


2 Sick Monkeys Swindon, UK

2 Sick Monkeys formed in December 2000, primarily to support Darrin Mooney (Primal Scream) in a one-off gig at a drum event in Swindon...they have now played over 900 gigs including 10 European tours.

They describe themselves as tight, melodic and in your face.

Basically……small outfit, BIG SOUND!!
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Track Name: Philthy's Mattress - Rash Decision
Decrepit bedsit, strength unbearable
Brightly coloured shirt, eating like an animal
Rose Tattoo and Chopper Reid, harden the fuck up
Sux to be you, living with a speed freak

Police. Standoff.

Creeping in my flesh, burning buggery
Climb onto your mattress, nauseous caress
Yellow fingers, pry at virgin skin
Eyes high nerves wide, never the same again

Track Name: Captain Tom - Rash Decision
Trip down a crack and fall apart
Now you’re the guppie and I’m the shark
Hang you up, next to my carp

40 pound test a mean –ass cast
Swing your bodies up on my mast
Dorsals, pectorals in the past
Here fishy, fillet


Crack my oar about your face
Ain’t got no respect, you ain’t a plaice
Rules of the sea, on my case

Fish and Chips
Track Name: Staines - Rash Decision
Fucked over again
Again and again

Homeless for another night
Hollow promises, a cold hard floor

Seven hour trek, wait outside
Same standard indifference

Terrorizer’s grindhouse night
‘Could be a good’ I’ll hold my breath

Two sets played that day
All for nothing what a joke
Track Name: Learning Things About The World (Part 2) - Rash Decision
Second time round, still no improvement
Stuck in Troubador we wanna go home
Why won’t this thing stay in tune
Second time round AIN’T LEARNT SHIT
Track Name: Bring Out Your Dead - Rash Decision
Heads Down
Shoulders Up

With a burning throat,
Set this hole on fire
Apathy is motivation
Pissing in the wind

Our miles scar the world
Come home to the unknown
We’ll unpick these stitches
And pick at the itch

Ball’s in your court
Do the time
There’s no second place
In the wasteland

Heads Down, Shoulders Up

Shoulders Up
Track Name: Seagull - Rash Decision
No, don’t mind if I do

You’re the ones to blame
Live the dream, swallow the winter rain
Break your back, where hopes die
You’re the ones to blame, got no fucking money
How am I supposed to pay the fucking rent?

A dead scene will burn the heels
…..of the chosen ones

In the shadows, you’ll find the
Junkies with infected limbs
The monster must be fed
Seagulls will pick our bones

Third generation infection
Middle ground is war
Destination of desperation
End the cycle once more

We’re the ones to blame
You’re the ones to blame
Track Name: Temporary Worker (clause 4.1)
Give me my pesticide
Potassium suicide

Temporary Worker (Clause 4.1)
Temporary Worker.
Track Name: Sayonara - 2 Sick Monkeys
Oi! Ayumi! Sayonara!
Oi! Ayumi! See ya later!

(When we first met you)

You were playing the bass and singing in Harmacy
Then you did the same in the brilliant Ratbags
Always down the front watching all the bands play
In your 2 Sick Monkeys t-shirt
But now you're going home and you're leaving London
You're going home and you're leaving England
2 Sick Monkeys gonna miss you mate
Bye bye from us and have fun - Oi! Oi! Oi!
Track Name: Bruce Brenda David Death - 2 Sick Monkeys
Little baby born a boy!!!

Routine circumcision goes horribly wrong
Little baby Bruce was terribly burned
Dr John Money suggests an experiment
Money talked and the desperate parents listened

Turn him into a girl!!!

Money's experiment was based on his theory
That nurture was more important than nature
Was he the answer to the desperate parents pleas?
Or were they the answer to his?

Little girl bcomes a man!!!

Bruce Brenda David Death!!!
Track Name: Had Enough - 2 Sick Monkeys
I've had enough, I've gotta get out
Gotta get out, I've had enough
Track Name: Blurrr!! (Parts 1 & 2) - 2 Sick Monkeys
Blurrrr (part 2)

Track Name: Number One Retard - 2 Sick Monkeys
I'm the champion, I'm the best
I'm the one with the head most-messed
Track Name: Bullshitter - 2 Sick Monkeys
Yes you are, no I'm not

It's all an act, hide the truth
Track Name: I Don't Wanna Be Me - 2 Sick Monkeys
I don't wanna be me, I don't like what I see
I don't like who I am, I just wanna be free
I don't wanna be me, I don't wanna be me

I don't wanna be me, I don't like what I see
What's the point of it all? And what's it all mean?
I don't wanna be me, I don't wanna be me

I don't wanna be me, I just wanna be free
I don't like who I am, I don't like what I see
I don't wanna be me, I don't wanna be me
Track Name: No Brakes - 2 Sick Monkeys
Childhood memories, fun and games
The sun was shining every day
Inseperable as we charged around
Knocking the obstacles (other kids) to the ground

No brakes - got no brakes
No brakes - can't slow down
No brakes - got no brakes
Can't stop, won't stop, take you down!

Full of beans we hit top speed
Unstoppable 2-man wrecking spree
As all around us targets fell
We'd grin from ear to ear and yell
Track Name: Migraine - 2 Sick Monkeys
Jagged edges, fiery circle
Moving closer, turning, burning
Pressure building, eyes are closing
Light's too bright, this headache hell

Blind spot aura, pins and needles
Vision's blurred, I'm shaking, boiling
Nauseous, please no loud noises
I'm so tired, this headache hell

Migraine, migraine,
It's doing my head in, so helpless it's useless
Please turn out the lights!
Track Name: Last Orders - 2 Sick Monkeys
No room for him but he's only small
You get rid of him and you lose us all
So you kicked him out but he found the keys
And brought this place down to its knees
We used to have a laugh when we came in here
Now we won't even go anywhere near
You're an evil liar with a face of fire
Your contract's temp, you're only on hire

Time's up - truth's out!
Time's up - you're out!!

Tell me how this stupid cow
Was allowed to ruin our public house
Breezed in new, right out of the blue
Tried to do a job but she didn't clue
Well we had you sussed right from the start
You killed this place, broke its heart
You're an evil liar with a face of fire
Your contract's temp, you're only on hire
Track Name: I Love Booze - 2 Sick Monkeys
Fuck The Something Somethings
Fuck The Something Somethings
La la la la
La la la la

Beer, cider, absinthe, whisky, all this booze will do for me
I demand some booze...drink!!

Drinking all this booze is giving me the shits
I get so fucking drunk I suck on slapper's tits
Walking down the street a bottle of cider in my hand
Knock this fucker down me neck and go and get some cans

I Love Booze!!!

Vodka, gin, meths and plonk, all this booze won't do me wrong
I demand some booze...drink!!

All this booze I love to drink, I end up puking in the sink
Kidneys fucked, liver's dead, I'm close to death I think
I've ran out of booze!!! I'm heading for the gas
Kidneys fucked, liver's dead, never thought I'd die this fast

I Love Booze!!!